AEON is a multimedia project about space, time, and light.

Ever since my early childhood, when I felt the limitations of raised walls, I have been driven by an intrinsic desire for infinite spaciousness, timelessness, and a sense of freedom. I give shape to that desire in AEON, an installation with photos, light, and sound.

Photographic images form the basis of the project. By using various techniques and editing methods, 
I let go of any reference to tangible reality. The boundaries between reality and imagination and between the finite and the infinite become blurred.

AEON is about a sensory suggestion of spaciousness and infinite possibilities. There is more than just what meets the eye in the image. Behind the space in the photo lies a whole world, outside the frame the landscape continues endlessly. Guided by elements of light and color, sometimes moving towards a vanishing point in the distance, the physical boundaries of the image dissolve – space, time and light thus become relative. The walls of my youth are still being broken down.

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