The theme of my exhibition stems from a personal quest. It revolves around the contradiction between the need to be seen for who you are, and the tendency to hide your true, authentic self in a world dominated by social media. With my images I am to break away from conventions by presenting the body and items we use to represent ourselves, such as clothing and makeup, in a different way. 
My work explores the human body and clothing, reduced to recognizable but undefinable objects. These elements, stripped of their usual function and identity, evoke feelings of alienation and wonder. By abstracting the contours of both body and clothes, my work invites the viewer to reflect on the essence of these objects and encourages questions about the possibilities of the body and the nature of clothing.
Central to this exhibition is the idea that the body and clothing form a duo without any hierarchy. Where one might normally expect the body to dominate, in my work they become two equal entities. Together the body and clothing create something new in the collages, they become a being of their own, an alien. 

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