In recent years, I have met several young people who have been damaged in various ways by significant eventsin their young lives. Through physical abuse, sexual abuse, bullying, abandonment or death of parents, and more. As a child, I myself experienced sexual abuse. Through this experience, I have developed a special sensitivity for recognizing these individuals and the pain they deal with.
 The consequences of these traumatic events are something they (and we) have in common. These young people feel misunderstood, lonely, and often not good enough. It is an enduring struggle that never ends, but one that teaches them to cope better over time. 
I have encountered them with that specific gaze: Reserved, wounded, wary, sometimes distrustful, yet also brave enough to reveal themselves.
 I have created this series out of respect and admiration for these young people. Because unlike myself, they are already aware of the impact of trauma at a young age and have found the courage to confront their pain, with a whole lifetime ahead of them.
"Everything will be alright…"

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