Tim Weerdenburg is a fashion photographer who constructs cinematographic images using analogue methods. 
As a boy, I loved watching The Bold and the Beautiful. A world of perfectly created torsos, shiny satin dresses and infinite empty looks entered our living room. Tangible, though unreal - and basically lifeless.
Growing up, more of these unreal worlds appeared. On social media, we started creating them ourselves; with tools such as Photoshop and AI, the possibilities became limitless. Over time, we have increasingly had the urge to enter this unreal world, creating a tension in our actual lives. Who are we really? More and more we live our lives in a lifeless reality, blurring the lines between the real and the fake.
I have transformed this fascination into my own images, in which I construct that reality we know from media. At the same time, I have removed it far from our physical reality. The persons have become physical sculptures, as it were, without a daily life. Coincidence and decay seem excluded. These images celebrate beauty, sometimes also question it, and perhaps undermine it, constructing a meta-reality like the one I used to see in The Bold and the Beautiful.

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